Lemon Cake

With Game of Thrones premiering tonight, I made some lemon cakes, Sansa Stark’s favorite.

Sansa was running out of patience now. “You have to come with me,” she told her sister firmly. “You can’t refuse the queen. Septa Mordane will expect you.”

Arya ignored her. She gave a hard yank with the brush. Nymeria growled and spun away, affronted. “Come back here!”

“There’s going to be lemon cakes and tea,” Sansa went on, all adult and reasonable. Lady brushed against her leg. Sansa scratched her ears the way she liked, and Lady sat beside her on her haunches, watching Arya chase Nymeria.

How the heck cooks manage to make lemon cakes while on the road is beyond me, but somehow Sansa manages to get some on the way to King’s Landing.

I was pretty scared to do them because they looked intimidating. I didn’t understand how the heck it you could get the pictured result from the recipe.

Surprisingly, it did turn out just as pictured, though mine were shorter due to me having 5 oz ramekins instead of 4 oz. I’m not sure if it’s the water level or if it’s from the lighter ingredients rising to the top, but the dark yellow “glaze” on top is really delicious, while the light yellow spongey cake part on the bottom just melts in your mouth. Very delicious!

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