When Elizabeth Banks posted about all the Effie Trinket costumes she’d seen online for Halloween, I suddenly had an idea. It came to me as I was biking to work and I couldn’t wait to go home and put it into action! I ended up staying up long into the night, putting the final touches and snapping the last photos at 4 am.

Plain Cupcakes with Effie Wrappers

You can see my cut out wrappers here. I used a plain template I found online and then added in the graphics and words to make my own Effie Trinket cupcake wrappers. I’ve uploaded them to my docs folder so you can download the PDF to make you own. When you cut them out, make sure you leave a little bit of white as a tab like you see in the photo. If you use an inkjet, you should probably take your inkjet sheet and make color copies so they don’t run.

I baked used a white cake box mix and added red food coloring to get a nice pink. And then for some really weird reason, they turned out orange! I was a little dumbfounded. I mean, how is that even possible?

Anyway, they’re pink on the inside:


Isn’t that just bizarre?!

I used some really amazing pink foil cups that I’d been saving for a special occasion, but never did use. They sell some at Global Sugar Art, but I think the 50 set is out of stock and you can only buy the bulk pack.

Foil cups

The orange was killing me…

Anyway, next up, I wrapped them.

Wrapped Cupcakes

I made a double batch of cream cheese frosting (the All Recipes one is fine). I had a lot of leftover frosting, but trust me, leftover frosting is WAY WAY BETTER than discovering you don’t have enough. I did this once while baking a giant castle cake at like 3 AM and wanted to collapse on my kitchen floor in tears.

Effie Trinket is Not Amused!

This is the first Effie I frosted. I’d made the flowers out of fondant earlier using a bunch of different cutters. For most of them I used stars or hearts or little flowers. Very easy and actually fun to make! I used Wilton #133.

Green Effie Cupcake 1

In the movie, her hair was a nice light neon green, but when I printed the wrappers it didn’t look light at all. Sigh, oh well.

Purple Effie Trinket Cupcake

This one was my favorite of the entire batch I made just because I thought her hair looked the most authentic. I had to refrigerate each bag before use so that they’re come out more “hair-like”.

Pink Effie Trinket Cupcake

Here’s a pink Effie with her golden flower. I was having serious lighting issues, so this looks a bit orange, but it was a nice pink in person.

Reaping Effie Cupcake

Here’s Reaping Effie as she bubbles next to Katniss on stage about how lucky she is.

Mama Effie Cupcake

Here’s a rather miffed Effie angry at Katniss for what she did during her Gamemaker session.

Reaping Effie Cupcake 2

Here’s another Reaping Effie, though I wish I’d taken a photo of the other one. I made two of each type of wrapper and this one had a not-so-puffy cupcake.

Group Effie Shot

Here’s a group shot of my two favorite Effies!

And finally, here’s a big image of all of them front and back. Hope you enjoy!

Effie Trinket Cupcakes

I took some of them to work and the office loved them!

Effies all packed up

For some reason this photo just cracks me up. I can just picture all these Effies in the box chattering away non-stop about fashion and table manners and how stunning President Snow looks.

Let me know if you try making these yourself! I’d love to see them!

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