While the table is empty, a long board off to the side has been laid with at least twenty dishes. A young man, an Avox, stands at attention by the spread. When I ask if I can serve myself, he nods assent. I load a plate with eggs, sausages, batter cakes covered in thick orange preserves, slices of pale purple melon.

Page 87, The Hunger Games

As far as I can tell, this is the only piece of food that Suzanne Collins mentions in the book that doesn’t actually exist, so I had to improvise and try to make my own. The obvious way to do it was… to simply dye slices of melon purple. The result, while looking like how I wanted it to, had one unfortunate side effect: it tastes absolutely disgusting!

Pale Purple Melon

I am dead serious, people. Casaba melon soaked in red/blue food coloring makes the melon pretty much uneatable. If you make this for a Hunger Games themed party, be sure you make a big sign next to the plate saying, “DO NOT EAT, DISPLAY ONLY!”

But other than that, looks pretty cool huh? 😀 It’s very very delicate, so you have to handle with extreme care.

Another note: honeydew melon doesn’t work for this. You need a totally white flesh melon.

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