The Hunger GamesSomething I’ve been wanting to do for a while is post blog entries that list all the foods in a particular book, which gives me a nice, concise list of foods to tackle for any given novel. When I read A Dance with Dragons, I highlighted all the dishes (which my husband actually noticed!) on my Kindle version and now I have a quick and easy way to go back and find all the food Dany snarfs down while sitting on her ass in Meereen.

The trouble with that is, it’s not very easy to read. The highlights on my Kindle are all lumped together and is therefore very unorganized. These will be a way for me to reference back in a quick and easy way.

So without further ado, here’s my hit list for the first book in The Hunger Games Trilogy (some of it already done). Some are meals and some are just single items. You’ll be surprised at just how much food there is in this one book!

  • Goat cheese wrapped in basil leaves – posted April 10, 2011
  • Rough grain ration bread with goat milk – posted January 16, 2012
  • Sliced bread with goat cheese and blackberries
  • Wild dog soup (yeah sorry, not doing this one…)
  • Fish stew with greens, strawberries and bread on the side – posted November 4, 2011
  • Raisin nut bread, burned, with tea – posted September 25, 2011 (forgot the tea)
  • Mr. Mellark’s cookies – posted September 21, 2011
  • Thick carrot soup, green salad, lamb chops with mashed potatoes, cheese and fruit, and chocolate cake
  • Greasy Sae’s winter specialty, soup with mice meat, pig entrails, and tree bark (not doing this one either!!)
  • Dandelion salad with raisin nut bread
  • Rabbit stew with greens
  • Fish and katniss roots
  • Eggs, ham, fried potatoes, chilled fruit, rolls, orange juice, and coffee
  • Hot chocolate with rolls to dip
  • Chicken and oranges in cream sauce on rice with flower shaped rolls and peas with tiny onions; honey colored pudding – posted July 6, 2011
  • Goose liver and puffy bread – posted January 20, 2012
  • Mushroom soup, bitter greens with pea-sized tomatoes, thin sliced rare roast beef, noodles in a green sauce, cheese with sweet blue grapes
  • Cake with alcohol that lights on fire
  • Eggs, sausages, batter cakes with orange preserves, pale purple melon – posted October 3, 2011
  • Beef stew with hot grain
  • Porridge (with ration grain)
  • Fancy cakes with flowers
  • Fish shaped loaf tinted green with seaweed (District 4)
  • Crescent moon roll dotted with seeds (District 11) – posted August 15, 2011
  • Drop biscuits (ration grain) – posted January 16, 2012 (same as above)
  • Roast pig with apple in mouth
  • Fish soup
  • Pork chops with mashed potatoes, rolls and wine
  • Lamb stew with dried plums on wild rice – posted August 15, 2011
  • Cream and rose petal soup
  • Crackers and dried beef strips
  • Roasted rabbit – posted July 25, 2011
  • Roast groosling with sweet roots
  • Raw eggs, rabbit legs, and berries
  • Popped corn over a fire
  • Raw fish
  • Mint tea
  • Pack of dried fruit (apples and pears)
  • Hot broth
  • Berry mush
  • Groosling stew with roots and chives, cooked with hot rocks – posted June 12, 2012
  • Fresh rolls, goat cheese, apples, lamb stew on wild rice – posted September 26, 2011
  • Roll with goat cheese and apple slices
  • Goat cheese and apple tart – posted January 12, 2012
  • Orange juice with frilly straw – posted November 28, 2011
While I won’t be doing all of these for grossness factor or simplicity (like mint tea or wild dog stew) I’ll try to get as many done as I can so that people can pick and choose from a nice, wide variety of foods for parties closer to the movie!

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