Season 2 of HBO’s Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday and so to get the ball rolling on my hit lists for this series, here’s the Fictional Food Hit List for book 1: A Game of Thrones. I eliminated some duplicates and split some of the dishes by courses, keeping most basic foods together as special meals like Catelyn’s breakfast after the attack to come up with 75 food and drink references.

  1. Roasted onions and gravy on trenchers
  2. Bread, two little fish, black bacon, and dark beer
  3. Honey duck and orange snap peppers
  4. Roasted joints of meat
  5. Thick black sausages
  6. Dothraki blood pies
  7. Fruits and sweetgrass stews
  8. Delicate pastries from Pentos
  9. Honeyed wine
  10. Squirrel stew with black bread and hard cheese
  11. Hot bread, butter and honey and blackberry preserves, a rasher of bacon and a soft-boiled egg, a wedge of cheese, a pot of mint tea
  12. Bread and honey breakfast
  13. Lemon cakes and tea
  14. Mutton stew with black bread
  15. Raw crab
  16. Garlic and herb roasted ribs
  17. Scones
  18. Fruit, cheese, fry bread, honeyed wine
  19. Iced milk, sweetened with honey
  20. Pork pie
  21. Blueberry tarts
  22. Hot cider
  23. Mulled wine
  24. Sweet cakes soaked with honey
  25. Meat skewers with onions, fire peppers, and mushrooms with trenchers and beer
  26. Roast fowl with wine
  27. Roasted aurochs with sweetgrass, strawberries, and bread
  28. Thick soup of barley and venison
  29. Sweetgrass salad
  30. Spinach and plum salad with crushed nuts
  31. Snails in honey and garlic
  32. River trout baked in clay
  33. Sweetbreads
  34. Pigeon pie
  35. Apples baked with cinnamon
  36. Sausages with garlic and pepper
  37. Black bread, boiled goose eggs, and fish fried up with onions and bacon
  38. Lamprey pie and roast suckling pig
  39. Wine and roast capon
  40. Skewers of meat and onions – Meat and Onion Skewers from the Eyrie, July 26, 2011
  41. Roast goat with sweetgrass and firepods, basted with honey
  42. Boiled beans
  43. Leg of lamb, peas and onions, buttered bread, and mulled wine
  44. Rack of lamb with garlic and herbs with buttered turnips
  45. Spinach salad
  46. Chickpea salad
  47. Turnip greens salad
  48. Iced blueberries and sweet cream
  49. Salt beef, hard cheese, stale bread
  50. Roasted goat
  51. Roasted chicken and wine
  52. Cold strawberry pie
  53. Porridge and blood oranges
  54. Clotted mare’s milk
  55. Roasted boar with apple
  56. Applecakes and blood sausage
  57. Pickled fish
  58. Hard cheese, fresh-baked bread, and milk
  59. Roast chicken and greens
  60. Beef and barley stew
  61. Venison stew with barley, onion, and carrot with bread
  62. Tree eggs, locust pie, and green noodles
  63. Honeyfingers
  64. Horsemeat or pork sausages with garlic, onions, and hot peppers
  65. Ale and cheese
  66. Veined white cheese and fruit
  67. Boiled mutton
  68. Suckling pig
  69. Garlic sausage
  70. Roasted ox
  71. Blueberry, lemon, and apricot tarts
  72. Bowl o’ brown – Flea Bottom Bowl o’ Brown, June 20, 2011
  73. Buttermilk and sweet biscuits
  74. Biscuit, piece of cheese, withered apple, salt beef, and bacon
  75. Boiled eggs, fried bread, ham steak, and dried plums

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