“Inside, the portly knight who commanded the waycastle greeted Mya by name and offered them skewers of charred meat and onions still hot from the spit. Catelyn had not realized how hungry she was. She ate standing in the yard, as stablehands moved their saddles to fresh mules. The hot juices ran down her chin and dripped onto her cloak, but she was too famished to care.”

Catelyn Stark, A Game of Thrones, page 311

It’s funny how I can be so behind in cooking for this blog and then one trip to Whole Foods and one to Costco later I’m doing posts two days in a row! This one is from A Game of Thrones, the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

In this chapter, Catelyn has just arrived at the Vale of Arryn and is notified that her sister Lysa has ordered her to ascend to their mountaintop castle immediately. Guided by bastard girl Mya Stone, they stop at the waycastle called Stone and are offered skewers of meat and onions.

There really wasn’t much to this. I just bought some marinated flank steak from Costco and skewered it alternating with some small sweet onions that I found at Whole Foods. I grilled them until parts were black and then right after I snapped the photo, I started eating. The meat was a bit tough, but the onions were absolutely divine! I can definitely see how this would taste amazing when you’ve just battled your way through the Mountains of the Moon with a Lannister in tow!

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