So a few weeks back, I got an inquiry about an interview for the Wall Street Journal. Of course, I flipped out from excitement, but yesterday when the article was published, I found out I had more flipping out to do.

The article was on the front page and while my name didn’t technically appear until the continuation on page 4, something else make me fangirl shriek, which was that while I got four paragraphs to myself, I was interviewed in the same article as George RR Martin. While it sounds silly to freak out about that, just know that I’ve been a fan of his books for a really long time and to just have my name in the same article as him was a thrill.

The article can be found online at the Wall Street Journal’s website and in it you’ll see a lot of eye popping photos from the nice ladies over at Inn at the Crossroads as they make their official Game of Thrones cookbook.

Many thanks to Alexandra for including me!

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