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Ratatouille 2 13

Remy’s Ratatouille

Who would have thought a rat cooking could make you want to get in the kitchen and start whipping up fantastic dishes

September 30, 2011 Animated, Features
The Hunger Games 35

Fictional Food Hit List – The Hunger Games

All the foods mentioned in The Hunger Games Book 1. There's more than you would think!

September 27, 2011 Hit Lists, Hunger Games
Haymitch's Basket of Love 7

Haymitch’s Basket of Love

When Katniss moves in to kiss Peeta for the first time, she's rewarded with a massive basket of food for pulling off a round of

September 26, 2011 Features, Hunger Games
Peeta-Bread 33

Peeta’s Burnt Nut and Raisin Bread

Katniss is on the brink of dying of starvation when Peeta Mellark, the boy with the bread, tosses her two loaves he burnt on purpose

September 25, 2011 Hunger Games, Recipes
Mockingjay-Cupcakes-Video 46

Video: How to Make a Hunger Games Mockingjay Cupcake

Watch me make a Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin cupcake with this step-by-step video

September 24, 2011 Hunger Games, Videos
Cupcakes-on-Fire 82

Cupcakes on Fire

My Hunger Games trilogy cupcakes made for The Hob's Blogiversary contest

September 24, 2011 Fan Food, Features, Hunger Games
Mr. Mellark's Cookies 28

Mr. Mellark’s Cookies

It's always really ticked me off that Katniss never eats Mr. Mellark's cookies

September 21, 2011 Features, Hunger Games
Poll 2

Facebook Poll: What do you want to see the most on Fictional Food?

I’ve started up a Facebook poll to see what you guys are most interested in me cooking from. Is it Harry Potter? Hunger Games? Something

September 09, 2011 Blog News
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