You would think that the second book of The Hunger Games Trilogy, Catching Fire, wouldn’t contain quite as many food references as The Hunger Games, but amazingly, it does!

Katniss spends a fair amount of time in Capitol care, such as on the train during the Victory Tour and the big party at the Capitol. They feast at banquets and a lot of the time Suzanne Collins doesn’t go into details about the dishes, but there’s still 47 food references to try (eliminating duplicate references).

Without further ado, here are all the references to food in Book 2, Catching Fire:

  1. Beaver stew
  2. Herb tea
  3. Bean and gourd soup
  4. Boiled cabbage and burned meat
  5. Fresh baked bread
  6. Tea and cookies iced with flowers
  7. Cold chicken, cheese, bakery bread, and oranges
  8. Roast duck with katniss tubers and gravy
  9. Lamb stew with dried plums, orange juice, hot chocolate
  10. Muffins
  11. Spit roasted cows, pigs, and goats
  12. Fowl stuffed with savory fruits and nuts
  13. Seafood with spicy sauce
  14. Creamy pumpkin soup with slivered nuts and tiny black seeds
  15. Clear green broth that tastes like springtime
  16. Frothy pink soup dotted with raspberries
  17. Small roast bird filled with orange sauce
  18. Corn syrup on bread
  19. Corn syrup in tea
  20. Cake with chocolate flowers
  21. Toasted bread, cheese, apples, and roast chestnuts
  22. Stew and bread
  23. Buns with cheese baked on top
  24. Peppermints that melt in your mouth
  25. Chamomile tea with sleep syrup
  26. Cinnamon and dill bread
  27. Tea and toast
  28. Broth
  29. Cold soup of pureed vegetables
  30. Fish cakes with creamy lime paste
  31. Orange filled birds with wild rice and watercress
  32. Chocolate custard dotted with cherries
  33. Warm milk with honey and spice
  34. Dried beef
  35. Pheasant with jewel-colored jellies, baby vegetables in butter, and parsley mashed potatoes
  36. Fruit with chocolate fountain
  37. Peas
  38. Sausage, eggs, potatoes, bread, juice, and hot chocolate
  39. Turkey leg
  40. Toasted bread (marriage ceremony)
  41. Charred tree rat meat
  42. Roasted tree nuts
  43. District 4 bread with sweet raw shellfish
  44. District 3 bread – bite sized square rolls
  45. Arena clambake – fish, shellfish, oysters
  46. District 3 bread, shellfish, and spicy red sauce
  47. Broth and a roll

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